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The Universal Law Of Attraction – Manifest Your Destiny

“The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thoughts. Your environment and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking.” Joseph Murphy

Can you imagine for a moment, that you are having the complete power over everything. You are in absolute control over the weather, nature and everything. – Being so powerful does feel great, doesn’t it?

Well good news, you are a very powerful being. You have the power inside your mind to control your own reality. This doesn’t go as far as controlling the weather and nature around the world, but in a way you can control it in your own world. Don’t like the weather or nature in your area? Well, then just move somewhere that is much more to your liking. You don’t like the situation – work, relationship, money etc. you are in. Change your mindset and apply the law of attraction right and things HAVE to change.

The universe is governed by universal laws. These laws are a given, they are unshakable and can not be broken. They apply to every individual, regardless of age, color of skin or ethnicity. These laws are guiding you through your life like riverbanks. Inside these riverbanks you can attract everything you want into your life.

One of these Laws is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states:

Many modern proponents say that the Law of Attraction has roots in Quantum Physics. According to them, thoughts have an energy that attracts like energy. In order to control this energy, proponents state that people must practice four things:

* Know what one desires and ask the universe for it. (The “universe” is mentioned broadly, stating that it can be anything the individual envisions it to be, from God to an unknown source of energy.)
* Focus one’s thought upon the thing desired with great feeling such as enthusiasm or gratitude.
* Feel and behave as if the object of one’s desire is already acquired.
* Be open to receiving it.

Thinking of what one does not have, they say, manifests itself in not having, while if one abides by these principles, and avoids “negative” thoughts, the Universe will manifest a person’s desires.

The manifestations of the Law of Attraction are multiform. Many of us are familiar with some of the manifestations of the Law of Attraction, but most are totally ignorant or certain others. Thankfully right now a large awakening on the planet is happening right now and the veil is gradually lifted, for a shift into a much greater earth.

Everyone knows and accepts the Law of Gravity, but most people ignore and even try to resent the equally powerful Law of Attraction which happens only in the thought world, but is a given nonetheless. Everyone accepts the power of the law which attracts matter to the earth, which is holding the circling planets in their places, but the close their eyes to the law that draws us to the things we desire or fear, that brings the joy or tears into our lives. The skeptics will say: I can’t see or measure the Law of Attraction, therefore it doesn’t exist or they find similar reasons. I can’t blame them for their reasoning, but they will need to agree sooner or later.

When everyone starts to see that thoughts are a power – a manifestation of energy – with attraction powers like a magnet, then everyone will see WHY they are living the life they are living, why they attract situations and relationships they are attracting. Learning and applying the principles of the Law of Attraction certainly change your life.

Every thought process sends out a fine ethereal substance, which are as real as the vibrations magnetism, light, heat or electricity are sending out. We can see or feel them with our 5 senses, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Humans can’t see all colors that exist, does this mean those colors don’t exist? No – of course not. A powerful magnet will send out vibrations and exert a force sufficient to attract a piece of steel weighing a hundred pounds, but we can neither see, taste, smell, hear nor feel the vibrations the magnet is sending out. Thought vibrations in conjunction with your feelings – similar to the magnet – attract to them the manifestations that vibrate on the same level.

By adjusting your thoughts and your vibrational level (the way you feel), you start to attract to you the things you desire, you will get opportunities for you to act on that lead into the direction you want to get and if you act accordingly wonderful manifestations will begin to happen.

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