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Law of Attraction – How to Attract Your Ideal Partner – 5 Easy Steps

Many people only relate the law of attraction to attracting material things like cars, houses and of course money. The law of attraction can be used to attract everything into your life – perfect health, wonderful relationships, your soul mate and so much more.

I want to focus on how to attract the ideal partner into your life – your soul mate. The one you want to spend your whole life with, the one you want to marry (if marriage is your goal).

5 Easy Steps To Attract The Partner of Your Dreams Into Your Life:

1. How Does Your Ideal Partner Look Like?

Take a pen and paper and write down how you want your ideal partner to look like. Does he/she have brown or black hair. Is he/she the sportive type? What is his/her height, eye color, weight, etc. Get into as much detail as possible. Now close your eyes and see this person in your imagination.
Do this visualization at least daily (your notes will help you with the visualization).

2. What Personality Does He/She Have?

Write down the character traits of your ideal partner. What hobbies does he/she have, is he/she outgoing or more laid back. It is very important for you to exactly know and write down what you want your ideal partner to be. Again, go into as much detail as you possibly can. When you are finished close your eyes and meet them in your imagination. Imagine going out with them, doing stuff that you both enjoy. Imagine that being together will bring the best out of both of you and in case of an argument, imagine how easy it is to solve any problems that arise with your dream mate. Do this at least daily.

3. Behave As If You Were Already Together With Your Dream Mate

During daily activities, imagine yourself making notes what gifts you should buy for your partner or what arrangements you have to make for the evening, like pre-ordering musical cards or booking a table in the restaurant you both love. Act as if you were already dating your ideal partner. Feel like it has already happened.

4. Expect To Meet Them Everywhere You Go

Expect that your ideal partner is already out there for you. Believe that you will meet them today. The key is, that you don’t have any doubts about it happening NOW.

5. Act On The Opportunities The Universe Will Provide For You

If you are applying the first 4 steps correctly, the universe HAS to provide your ideal partner for you. Opportunities will open up. The only thing left to do now is to take action. Go out whenever possible, if someone opens up a conversation with you, talk to them as if it were your dream mate – maybe he/she is.

Only one part of the law of attraction is the visualization, the other part is the action part. Without taking action, the law of attraction does not work

If you really want to meet your dream mate, please apply the above steps and give it sufficient time, you will see how beautiful the law of attraction will work for you.

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2 comments to Law of Attraction – How to Attract Your Ideal Partner – 5 Easy Steps

  • I love the five steps to attract the partner of your dreams, I will make every effort to apply them daily. I believe I am finding my soul mate as I speak.

  • aravind

    Dear Sir,

    I proposed a girl where she refused me. FIrstly Can I manifest to gain her love. ? Secondly I have a doubt that she has a boyfriend? Is this a obstacle for manifesting? Please answer. Thanks in advance

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