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Life Coach Training You Can Afford

Anyone with the passion, the heart and the need to help folks can become a life coach. The issue though is that those qualities alone are not sufficient to qualify you as a good life coach. You will also need coaching and mentoring. A normal life coach training leading to a certification costs $3000 to $6000 on the average.

Let us assume you simply do not have that sort of money laying around. Does this mean your dream of turning into a life coach is over? Well, not actually. There are a few techniques you can make life coach training more reasonable for your wallet.

Scholarships and Grants

The same as in conventional schools and universities, there are grants and scholarships ready to help you pursue your dreams of changing into a life coach. There are a number firms ready to help so long as you meet their qualifications and display the essential level of wish and determination.

One approach you can take is with your present employer. You can inquire if they have grants or other programs available that would meet your requirements. Many corporations offer motivations for their workers to further their studies, particularly if it’s in an area that would benefit the company, eg life coaching. If no such progam now exists in your company, you might suggest it to the acceptable office head or your supervisor. There are several firms that fund one hundred percent of continuing education.

Another approach is to make an application for a scholarship with the top training academies. One of these establishments is the International Coach Academy.

The International Coach Academy is an example of the top colleges worldwide for coach training. They supply top notch, reasonable and accessible coaching. Their Certificated Pro Coach Program is fully guaranteed by the International Coach Federation. What might be of special interest to you is they offer a number of fifty percent scholarships for their program.

Find A Personal Mentor

Another technique of getting reasonable life coach training is by finding a personal mentor. If you’ve got the obligatory drive and incentive, you can look for somebody already working as a life coach who is ready to take you on as an apprentice. This would possibly not be formal coaching but that does not definitely mean that it’ll be less effective. Somebody now working in the life coaching field may be a better teacher or trainer who has been in the study room and isn’t an actively practicing coach.

Of course it will need some work to find somebody willing to become your personal trainer. You’ll need to gain their trust as well as demonstrate a high level of drive and determination to become a life coach. Whilst you need to attend some kind of formal coaching later to achieve life coach certification, the lessons you may learn from studying under a private coach will probably prove to be much more valuable than anything you may learn in a classroom.


If you are not able to find a coach or are not able to afford formal life coach training, then your last resort is going to be self coaching. One source of self training that is generally available is books. There are some books on the topic of life training, but you do not always need to buy them yourself. Find the ones available thru your local library and start with those.

Another good source of info is the web. The data superhighway has an incredible quantity of info on life training. Just ensure you exercise some caution on where you get your info. Select sites that are convincing sources of info for life coach training.

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